Monday, July 9, 2018

Actress Natalie Burn Explodes in Hollow Point!!! Exclusive Upcoming Interview!

Above: Natalie Burn on set of Hollow Point

Above: Natalie Burn - and the long arms of the law in Hollow Point

Both photos - Natalie Burn Official Instagram account

Official Press Release about Hollow Point!

Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report, Actress Natalie Burn Interview, check out this actress spotlight!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, across my desk from across the country comes Natalie Burn. Natalie hails from Kiev, Ukraine and recently obtained her U.S. Citizenship! Currently she is hard at work on the new Daniel Zirilli directed film Hollow Point. Natalie has vast experience as a ballerina and dancer, and has ventured out into all forms of media including behind the camera work as a producer and writer. In Hollow Point Natalie plays detective Emily Plaza, should be a kick ass ride as Daniel Z always has strong, dynamic, and very entertaining roles for the ladies! In the mean time check out Natalie Burn's official site and social media outlets, and keep it locked on Dan's Movie report for more info on Natalie and Hollow Point!

Check out this bad ass audition! Natalie Burn in action! Natalie is a pro and works hard to get into the characters she will play!

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