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The Car: Road To Revenge (2019) Movie Review © 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: DVD cover to The Car: Road To Revenge (credit: IMDB)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. In 1977 a solid underground movie called The Car was released. The movie was about a car possessed. Actually, this film came out before the Stephen King penned novel and eventual movie Christine, which was unleashed in 1983. That said, both films are excellent in suspense and intrigue, plus some maniacal action. Since the 80s so many possessed vehicle films, and films about vehicles have been made, a clever one being Maximum Overdrive, essentially about Semi Trucks taking over a rest stop, humor is also interjected.

Fast forward to 2019, a very loosely based sequel on the original film The Car is released. In this film a high powered, egotistical megalomaniac has a special bio chip that is wanted by nefarious factions. Gone, is the enjoyment, fun, and sadly story of the films in the 80s. Universal 1440 entertainment is a indie direct to DVD branch of Universal Pictures, and some of their indie films are very entertaining. This was a bare bones DVD, in the era of 15 dollar, bigger budget films putting special features, I feel a bit ripped off, but again, it is buyer beware.

The Car: Road To Revenge is dark, brooding and ominous, but just has no heart. Director G.J. Echternkamp, who also healmed Deathrace 2050, actually not a bad remake, all be it cheesy it was pretty entertaining. I realize many people panned that film, but stacking up against The Car: Road To Revenge it is far ahead.

The costuming of the villainous characters are right out of an 80s punk rock scene, but here it kind of looks ridiculous, like the entire film was shot in a dark small studio, reworked for each scene. Again, more time should have been allowed by the producers to properly work on the project.

For violence and gore fanatics there is plenty of it, copious, gratuitous, as the DVD states it is the unrated edition. At under 90 minutes including credits crawl, unrated, again seems like padding to make this a longer films. This is where some director commentary, extended scenes, maybe a behind the scenes would have added some additional time to see inside the minds of the creators. Of course this is not a flick for the kids as copious use of the bad language and nudity occur,

Full disclosure, I actually heard about the film from Actress/Singer Nina Bergman. She is in the film as a villain who broods and looks bad ass, sadly as most of the characters in the film, she is underused. Deaths occur swift, and often, never enough time to emotionally connect to the characters.

Overall, I would have to say pass on The Car: Road To Revenge, it is not a good film, rather bad, uninspired, and a cheap DTV, that should have been left alone. The Car: Road To Revenge rates a 3 out of 10.

Walmart and Amazon both have the film for sale, for 15USD now.

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