Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kali Diaries 7! Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston!!

Above: Pre-Photo of Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston working on Kali Diaries 7!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, on the heals of the incredibly shot Kali Diaries 3, comes a return blast with Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston. Kali Diaries 3 won the Artemis Award for Best fight! It was also shown in Texas, at IDTV Action Fest!

Lauren Mary Kim: Kali Diaries 7 Sneak Peak Pics!!!Apocalypse Fight against the beautiful & fabulous Amy Johnston Our follow up to KD3! Staff versus double sword
📸 & edited Vladislav Rimburg
Fight Choreography
Alvin J Hsing Brendon Huor
💄 & Hair Talya Boz
Location Caryn Mower
Wardrobe Dolls Kill
Props Brad Yuen

Amy: Lauren Mary Kim is one of my favorites to work with and I'm excited for the release of this apocalypse fight for #kalidiaries 7 very soon! Here are some stills 💙 Staff vs Double Sword⚔️
Shot & Edited: Vlad Rimburg
Fight Choreography: @alvin_hsing @brendonhuor
Hair & Makeup: @teebozzmua
Location: @carynmower
Wardrobe: Dolls Kill
Props: Top Quest Inc @trufflemaker7
#fightlikeagirl #fightscene #stundouble
#marvel #action #girlfights

Please check out my interview with Lauren @
Amy Johnston has been featured numerous times on Dan's Movie Report, Interview:

Watch for more, later in 2019, on Dan's Movie Report!! 

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