Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Gender (2018) Review A Dan's Movie Report USA Exclusive!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, I wanted to wait until the academy awards were over to review this delightful, well serious, yet poignant film about work place politics, and issues with a female supervisor and a male boss. A hard reality, hopefully with some more women in prominent potions this will change and for the amazingly creative film maker Yulia Romanova and her team have really created a mini masterpiece that absolutely needs to be a Netflix acquisition, and with the absolutely amazing Period, End of Sentence (details here) https://www.businesstoday.in/trending/entertainment/netflix-indian-short-documentary-period-end-of-sentence-wins-oscar/story/321940.html

I watched this 14 minute film and literally was transported to a paired down office setting, but the politics and script were strong. Worldwide office politics are still a huge issue, yes, sex came to light post Harvey etc... and now the most mighty are taken down by their own transgressions.

That said, most films deal with office politics with a joke and a snide remark, Yulia chose to play it serious, Jamie Lee-Hill plays an over bearing buck stops here boss but oddly he favors one over another, he has a female in position of power, yet she is trying to work with the males under her. Kind of like a female Stunt coordinator or female fight coordinator like Kim Chiang, who I interviewed, she is fight coordinator on The 100, she has to deal with many guys, stunt and action etc, but with 30 years of experience she has garnered proper respect. Again a guy could rise to fight or stunt coordinator in I am sure 10 yrs. If he is persistent. A double standard in Hollywood, but again, the office is a place we only see, not hear, told to keep our mouth shut! Plus review short films, you know some do win Academy Awards!

Screw the mouth shut, this is 2019, an era of a global film community! Who says a young Russian lady cannot make an epic short for about 7,000USD, with make up stylist, proper lighting, great script, cinematography etc.. and an interesting concept. What is in the future for this team, I actually hope like Cannibals and Carpet Fitters, unleash a kick ass feature based on this concept, can have some more drama, a back story on the characters. I noticed James Bushe is involved so who knows! James and his crew allowed me the first worldwide review of the film and I was super thrilled to buy it on DVD! Another soap box for me as a writer I cannot stress enough, when you have a chance to do a super early review even if you hate the film do not spoil it! Come on, act like you have been there before!

I watch so many short films, Some are epic, and super expensive to make as in The Gate, some are middle of the road, in price, 10-40k, some are total indie under 10k, and passionate film makers. This falls in the close to epic, and total indie! I rate this film a very solid 7.5 out of 10.

I know they had to keep it under 15 minutes for many short film festivals, but the interplay made me want a mini feature like Black Salt, which was 27 minutes, and won Urban Action Film Festival. Actually that is the reason I docked it .5 of a star as I wanted more!

I plan to interview Yulia in the coming months ahead to get some ideas she may have! All exclusive all the time, watch this space in 2019, for a film making team on the rise!

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