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Life Of Action II (2020) by Mike Fury - Book Review - Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Above: The amazing Zoë Bell on the cover of Life Of Action II, this shot is from the movie 'RAZE'! Photo is for promotional purposes only not monetized

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, I decided to make the purchase of Mike Fury's 'Life of Action II' book. The hardcover book, which is in limited supply, is a huge coffee table sized book filled with amazing interviews of various action personnel. The first volume was a taste, volume two has some truly epic interviews.

The format of the 300 plus page book is fast flowing and easy to read. The interviews vary in length, but always have really unique stories, Mike Fury has a knack of weaving a narrative, and his subjects always seem to open up. Interviewing can be very tricky as some subjects are far more gregarious than others. Mike maximizes the interviews with subjects who are willing to bring the reader into their World!

With the amazing Zoe Bell on the cover, 'Life of Action II', proves the out of the box thinking and clever questioning Mr Fury delves into. What I like about Mike, he realizes the importance of the ladies in action and also has great interviews with actresses Amy Johnston and JuJu Chan. The ladies take the hard falls and bumps often without the aid of padding!

Mike tries to mix it up, by having stunt coordinators, directors, and actors in his book, so the reader can get a different perspective on the films the subjects work on. Also having Cung Le as a subject coming from a fight background was a great touch, merging real fighting with film fighting, Cung has some unique persepctives worthy of a read.

Life of Action II has a global feel, a great interview with the talented Marko Zaror, really delves into his upbringing. Marko is a great person to interview and I feel honored to have had the pleasure of conducting interviews with him.

I have a few favorite interviews in the book. During Zoë Bell's chat because she talks about being literally thrown into someone during a take, quite an interesting yet harrowing, and somewhat humorous story. In the book there are also very detailed interviews with directors Scott Mann and Simon West. Scott Mann chats in depth about working on 'The Tournament' as his first film, leading the cast, and the daunting task, of literally being in charge and the complexity of it. Very insightful information, for those thinking of going into the film industry, as well as fans.

Mike puts a selected Filmography at the end of all of the interviews, and the book is current to 2020, even having Simon West's 'Legend Hunters' listed, a film not yet out. I think this is great to give the reader an idea of the subject's variety of work, without being to burdensome.

The book is well thought out, detailed and annotated, and I am sure will help the subjects he has interviewed as he has included their contact information if so provided. 'Life of Action II' is necessary addition to any proper action fan's collection and a must own. Life Of Action 2 rates a strong 9 out of 10, and as for catching Ms Bell, um if there is a warning, haha I say yes!

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