Friday, March 25, 2022

New Series 'The Pact' is Unleashed On The Roku Channel! © 2022 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Above: Promotional Poster for 'The Pact' (C) 2022 The Roku Channel/ Katara Studios


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers! After conducting a detailed interview with Actress Ada Dumitru in 2019, she told me about a new series she had wrapped filming called 'The Pact'. I spoke privately with actress Natassia Malthe about the series and since it was very early on, we decided to shelve discussing it until closer to the time of release.

Enter The Roku Channel. A free platform streaming content outlet, which is rapidly becoming one of the largest over the top channels with 60 million users. Today March 26th, 2022 the series begins to stream.The Channel is also available through the app, and set top boxes and TVs

Katara Studios is involved in production of 'The Pact' for further information please visit:Katara Studios

The series is shrouded in a bit of mystery but the basic plot as posted to IMDB is: 'The Pact' Follows Sol, Freya and Adam, among other survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, as they try to find the cause of the mysterious MIASMA and stop it. Actor Louis Mandylor plays a character named Rooster, Natassia Malthe plays Freya, and Ada Dumitru plays Gash. 


Above: A Concerned Natassia Malthe as Freya waits pensively (C) 2019 Katara Studios /The Roku Channel All rights reserved image used for promotional purposes only

A terrible revelation sets humankind on a path to self-destruction. A terrifying journey into the unknown for a group of people bound together by hope alone. Stream The Pact free on March 26.



Above photos: Ada Dumitru on set of 'The Pact' (C) 2019 Photographer Dragos Barbacioaru

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Check out this hot trailer with a bit of post apocalyptic madness! @

Watch for Interviews with Natassia Malthe and Ada Dumitru later in 2021! Keep it locked on Dan's Movie Report and

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