Friday, September 23, 2011

One In the Gun- Movie Review

One In The gun promises double and triple crosses, and a sexy noir thriller. The plot gets in the way of what could be a surprisingly good story. The movie revolves around Katrina Webb, played by Kathrine Randolf and her desire to get out of her marriage with her rich husband Arthur portrayed by Steven Bauer. A chance meeting or is it with Mickey Lewis (Steven Man) helps to facilitate the blackmail.

The set up is solid, however there are so many interludes of filler and the film is dragged down by confusion on what is reality and what is inside Mickey's head. There is a plot to steal one of Arthur's paintings and sell it on the black market for five million dollars. Things get weird when the audience is lead to believe one aspect of the story then all of the sudden is whisked away to a totally different scenario, more often than not making any sense. If just one storyline was adhered to the movie would have been more cohesive.

I wanted to like the film, the lead actress Kathrine does a decent job of being sexy, but not cold enough to be believable as a conniving wife. She has several nude scenes and her body is nice to look at but after awhile even a cute girl with her clothes in the off position can get monotonous. Even though the movie was 80 minutes, One In The Gun was padded with unnecessary filler material to extend the time.

With a muddled plot, and rather bad acting I cannot recommend One In The Gun, I rate this movie a 3 out of 10.

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