Friday, October 28, 2011

Get Ready For Iron Monk!

Above pic from The JNC Productions website. That is the official website for Iron Monk.

Epic Martial arts madness, with calm serenity! Iron Monk - Starring Yanzi Shi (34th Generation Shaolin Master) NO WIRE, NO CGI, 100% KUNG FU. Yanzi is just as amazing as they come. He has hundreds of years of family history and supreme skill in his essence and he is ready to unleash it onto the world. The classic slogan for the film is "The deeper he meditates the harder he hits!" Who will stand up and argue?

There is a full trailer on youtube, meditate your browser over to:

Also if that is not amazing enough, it looks like there are at least two who will stand up to the challenge:

(PhotoCredit: Helen Jones)

Above: The large gentleman to the left of The Iron Monk is Silvio Simac. He is a talented martial artist and actor. To the right is Lovely and lethal Zara Phythian, she plays an assassin. The violence will be legendary. I will cower in fear hahaha!

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