Saturday, November 5, 2011

Actress/ Stunt Woman Mam Smith says the the Stuntacular was a smashing success!

Mam Smith from her FB page

Every Halloween the good folks from the stunt community give back by supporting the Make-A-wish Foundation and put on a cool stunt show in L.A. The 8th Annual Stuntacular 2011 was a great success and Mam Smith who stars as the ruthless and cute villain in the new 3 Musketeers film posted a cool new video and shows the people having a great time. Stunt people are a close knit community always looking out for each other. Check out the two cool You tube videos below:

Dan's Music Report is ready to write about happenings in the stunt community. In 2012 look for interview with Actress/ Stunt Woman and now author Angela Meryl who worked on Kill Bill and recently won a Taurus Award (Stunt Award) for best fight doubling Beyonce in Obsessed! She will discuss her new book and her work on Battleship. I interviewed Angela 7 years ago for Vengeance Magazine.

If you are a stunt man or woman please send me news and photos I will post it, asap!

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