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Selina Lo Interview (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report

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Above Pic: Selina Lo in Scorpion King 3! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Above Pic: Sultry Selina Lo Exclusive Pic! Photo Credit. Boaz Zippor
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As promised 2012 will be the year of action on Dan's Movie Report. First up on the 2012 interview slate is the sultry, talented, Actress/Martial Artist Selino Lo, star of the new film The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption. Selina hails from the UK, and she has a wealth of experience in a variety of areas, including being an experienced dancer with formal acting training. Selina is extremely professional and is willing to work hard at any project she accepts. Without any more of my moronic ramblings, let's get to Selina in her own words!

Aside from the stuff on your official website, what are some other
cool facts people might not know about the life of Selina Lo? Share a

I think it’s easy for people to see you for what’s on the surface.  A lot of people assume I’m this tough chick, which is part true but there is definitely a softer side to me.  I love animals and children.  My room is a collection of weapons, rocks, cute penguins and hedgehogs (not real penguins!) (Dan's Movie Report Note: Wow, that is an amazing collection!) In my spare time I work with underprivileged children and have such a blast as I am a big kid myself!

What is you martial arts background? Martial artists you look up to?

I grew up watching the old school Jackie Chan movies like Drunken master, Armour of God, Police story and completely fell in love with the clever choreography and the way Jackie used his surroundings to make intricate sequences.

On to acting, how did you develop the drive to become an actress? 

I never grew up wanting to be an actress, I began training martial arts first and competed till I was 15, then I injured myself and couldn’t train as regularly. I’d already dabbled in performing arts and acting became a different outlet for me that I quickly fell in love with as I’d always loved movies, being creative and expressing myself.  I studied hard on my acting while working hard to rehabilitate and in a way I’m very fortunate how it worked out because now I’m fully recovered and I am fortunate enough to be able to use by martial arts in movies.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and as long as you believe something is possible then it is.

I saw you had a small role in 28 weeks later, maybe share a story
on that production,

I loved all the prosthetics, being all bloody and gory, and being able to be completely uninhibited... I remember one day I was craving M and Ms, so I slipped out in full make up to get it.  Even though it looked like I had just been torn apart by wolves no one asked if I was OK, they just crossed the street!! That was quite amusing and also a little worrying!

Above Pic: More Scorpion King Action! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

How did you get involved with The Scorpion King 3 project? Did you
have to audition? If so share a story.

The producers approached me as they wanted someone that could bring life to the character while keeping the authenticity of the action.  As I was already a huge fan of The mummy and The Scorpion King I was absolutely thrilled to be involved.  They were very accommodating and receptive to letting me choreograph and often improvise and allowing me freedom in my choices for Tsukai’s character.  As an actor that kind of trust is deeply appreciated.

How long was your portion of the filming in Thailand? How was it to
work with the Thai Crew and actors?

I was there for about two months shooting across Thailand, in the jungle, on waterfalls, in temples, it was an incredible experience.  I have a soft spot for shooting in Thailand as I’ve worked there before and have always thoroughly enjoyed working with the Thais. They are so kind and a lot of fun!

Compare that to filming in the U.K.

It’s definitely not as hot in the UK and there a lot fewer bugs! The pluses for me in shooting in the UK is being close to my family and friends but I am so fortunate that my job allows me to travel and experience different cultures.

Talk about playing the evil character Tsukai, did you channel your
inner maniacal self, haha or just let the character take over?

Haha, yes playing Tsukai was definitely a contrast to the real me (I would definitely hope so too!!) I’ve always loved playing villains as there is something so freeing in channeling a completely different mindset and learning what makes that character tick and what allows them to be completely ruthless and merciless.  Not only getting into that mindset but taking it one step further in that my character really took satisfaction out of every kill and had a hunger for destruction, not for destruction's sake but she loved to get what she wants.  She is under the command of whomever has the book and once she has her task she will stop at nothing to get it and enjoy every step of the way.

Was it fun to take on the evil role? Do you have a mischievous side in real life?

I loved playing Tsukai.  There was a pure rush from her confidence, power and her passion for what she does, plus she gets to kick a lot of ass! Hmm a mischievous side? I think I grew up pretty straight laced, was a straight A student and was never in a lot of trouble. That being said I’m definitely more of a leader than a follower and if I believe in something then I’ll take risks to get it. I’m a very playful as a person, I love to laugh and be around people that can make me laugh and I try to see the positive in everything.  Unlike Tsukai I think things through before acting and wouldn’t hurt anyone to get what I want but I do go at something fully focused and never give up, in that sense I can relate.

How long was the training prior to filming of Scorpion King 3?

I was working on another project before the training period, and then halfway through the training period so I only had about a week or so, fortunately I didn’t have to learn to fight just make small adaptation’s so it wasn’t an issue, but I got in the night before we had a shoot where I was jumping off a waterfall and I thought to myself now is so not a good time to be jet-lagged!!

Above Pic: Photo session from Scorpion King 3! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Share an amusing story from the set. Was it fun to get rough with the guys?

I grew up training with guys and I always felt like the little sister so I always have a blast and feel very comfortable around fellow fighters. Dave Batista and Kimbo were both awesome. Dave is such a talented fighter, but I also think he has great potential as an actor I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in film. Kimbo is a sweetheart and I have huge respect for him and his ability to be, well just so damn tough! We were swapping mindsets and it’s really interesting to see how different fighters have different perspectives and also great to learn from each other.  Victor too had a background in Martial Arts and I always appreciate when the actor can do their own fights as it adds so much to the production and I think he pulled it off fantastically.

How about the big fight with Krystal Vee in the film, must have taken a lot of work, how long did that take to film, what were some preparations you had to go through?

That took about half a day to a day I think I can’t remember exactly! I love that there was a girl on girl fight. I’m a huge supporter of strong female characters in movies as I don’t think there are enough, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

What films and or projects do you have planned for 2012?

I’ve got a couple films in the pipe line a few action and also a more light hearted movie.  I can’t wait to continue my journey as this all still feels quite new to me, but I’m loving it and so thankful for all the support from my fans, family and friends and people such as yourself.  I want 2012 be a year to help develop myself in playing roles that empower women and hope that people respond well to what I’m doing. I will keep fighting, keep enjoying the journey and keep pushing myself to achieve and mark out my own path.

There it is, interview complete! Selina is ready to unleash her energy and skill on the world, and I know I am ready! Check out her official site link on the side of the page, and for updates slide your browser to her official facebook and twitter spots, keep your eyes locked on Dan's Movie Report for updates and new photos of Selina! To witness more of Selina's ability check out her short film Dohard on youtube @


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