Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mass Destruction Movie Review

Jessica Hahner and Cay Hume in Mass Destruction Image Credit: Los Banditos Films

From Germany comes this tale of action and drama that tells the tale of a hit-man turned to protection specialist Michael (Cay Hume) as he is reluctantly hired to protect Lisa (Jessica Hahner) the daughter of a wealthy man.

Mass Destruction is an odd mix of movie styles, sometimes turning into drama, flailing out into action. Mostly the film is successful in creating moods of intrigue like spy thrillers, as the enemies often come out of the blue.

Cay Hume is intense as Michael Image Credit: Los Banditos Films

Cay Hume channel's his inner Javier Bardem facial expressions and cold precision like dispatching of the thugs sent to kill Lisa and harm her family. He meditates, and listens to his inner voice. He is a very good actor, and propels the film with his forcefulness and inner strength.

Jessica Hahner's portrayal of Lisa is innocent and vulnerable, there are no forceful female characters in Mass Destruction, only the guys participate in the action. Mass destruction is at it's best with the action and the running time of nearly two hours seems a bit long, the sappy parts seem forced.

Mass Destruction has plenty of gun fights, fist fights, and intrigue. I recommend this German tale, and rate it a 5 out of 10, a rent.

The film is out in Germany now. Check the IMDB page, even though the preliminary data is sketchy at the moment.


  1. saw this movie today: crap! complete waste of time and resources.

  2. I'm regretting ever buying this DVD. The cover was what attracted me and I thought it would be like the A-Team..I can't even make myself watch it completely. The fight scenes are extremely childish and downright funny. The gun fights are really not gun fights. They just fire away like toy guns and nothing ever happens to him. This is a film that ought not to have been made at all...I completely agree with Anonymous...It's Crap and more crap...
    I'll add more in detail once I gain courage to watch this shitty movie...

  3. thats my friend u talking bout hey


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