Friday, February 3, 2012

Seven Layer Dip Movie Review

Sultry Monique Ganderton, not happy, ready to fight! (C) 2011 SamMo Productions

As a lover of short films, especially the action ones, I had to review this four minute blast of insanity from SamMo productions called Seven Layer Dip. Sultry and somewhat dangerous Monique Ganderton has spent time in her kitchen making this glorious dip which her partner Sam Hargrave is just skimming off the top layer of. Well wouldn't you know it Monique gets pissed off, why is that you ask, well she worked hard on making it and wants it to be eaten properly hahah!

Sure enough a full fledged brawl erupts! The fight carries outside and the two are toe to toe. I mean, I have had minor fights or shall I say disagreements with my lady but, this looks like some sort of taller version of a Jet Li action film haha! The two are stunt performers, and do not try this at home, or else you could really hurt yourself and or your pride.

Masculine Sam Hargrave, not ready to accept a beating from Monique! (C) 2011 SamMo

The film is full of hilarity and action and makes the time fly by. I enjoyed the fact that they did all of the production work themselves. The camerawork was tight, but not obtrusive, obviously they know how to film a fight scene. Have to love a woman who can take and give a punch.

Overall I give this a 7 out of 10. A must watch, and it is of course available on youtube @

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