Friday, February 3, 2012

100,000 Hits on Dan's Movie Report! Brand New Photos! Can a man get a Hell Yeah!?

Just like Super Stunt Queen Ming Qiu, Dan's Movie Report will fly into 2012!
Above Photo (C) 2011 MGM Pictures!

Sexy Selina Lo is Flying High in Scorpion King 3! (C) 2012 Universal Pictures

Sexy Krystal Vee ready to bring the pain! HAHA! (C) 2012 Universal Pictures

Update 11-13-12 Krystal Vee New Film! "The Cop"! Follow Link!

Dan's Movie Report has been online since November of 2009. Seriously though, I really started working hard on it around August 2011. As of August 2011 the Dan's Movie Report barely had 10,000 total views. Times have changed! As of December 2011 the site had 50,000 total views and as of Thursday February 3rd 2012 100,000! In January 2012 the site has developed a huge surge, which I can not deny the impact that The Scorpion King 3, actress Krystal Vee, and actress Selina Lo have had on my site generating nearly 25,000 of the 41,008 views!

As 2012 progresses, look for more interviews, news, and exclusive photos, directly from the actors, actresses, and directors making the films. Please be patient the contests for Krystal and Selina will take place as soon as I obtain the pictures!

Look for several unannounced surprises throughout the year! 2012 will be a memorable one on Dan's Movie Report. Thank you all for reading, and taking the time to comment and e-mail me.

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