Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jack The Reaper Movie Review

Above Pic: The unsuspecting kids of Jack the Reaper (C) Madcrapper films

Time for a bit of horror on Dan's Movie Report, thus the change to red for the background and yellow for the fear that the kids have to encounter coutesy of Jack The Reaper! 

The story opens with a group of high schoolers on a saturday field trip to a railway museum to learn about the industrial revolution. Once there they meet up with the creepiest caretarker ever, Mr. Steele, played by  Tony Todd. He warns them of a man who stalks the railways looking for victims.

Above Pic: Tony Todd scares the crap out of the kids! (C) Madcrapper Films

Well wouldn't you know the bus breaks down and the kids are stranded, and the film flails out from there, very creepy and odd. Most of it you do not see who is chasing them!

I liked the set up as each of the kids were given a bit of a backstory. One kid was overweight, another was an outcast, a couple of jocks, a deaf girl, a cute Asian rich girl. So actually I cared about the characters as the story progresses. Also the acting was pretty good, from all of the young cast. Douglas Tait as the tall  Railroad Reaper does an excellent job, very menacing.

Above Pic: Maya  (Amber Zion) is frightened (C) Madcrapper Films

The main set was an abandoned carnival, oddly enough all of the rides worked properly or did they? Needless to say this film is full of bloody violence and excellent jump scenes.  Kimberly Seilhamer, an Ex marine is the writer and director of the film, with actress Sally Kirkland listed as one of the producers, and stars as the mother of one of the teens! Kimberly does and excellent job of weeving a tale of terror, merging characters that we actually care about.

The setting on jack the Reaper is creepy, as the action moves from ride to ride at the carnival, the camera work is tight at times often showing the facial expressions, at other times  the view of the distant carnival from the broken down bus.

Overall I rate this film a must own! I really liked the setting and the young actors all did a great job. Jack The Reaper Rates a 7 out of 10! I hope to see more work  from Seilhamer in the future. She has a website out there @

Thanks for all of the comments to help me correct this review.


  1. FYI: the photo of redhead with green jacket is not Stacey. It is Amber Zion.

  2. Also the character name is Maya not Emma. Many thanks :)

  3. I have been wanting to see this film. I am a huge fan of Tony Todd since the Candyman. Douglas Tait is incredible behind makeup and want to see him as the Reaper. Any idea when it will be released??

  4. Where can I find this movie? I checked on Netflix and Amazon and it didn't come up. Thanks the review.


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