Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rev Bob Levy Interview (Exclusive) (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report

Above image, Rev Bob Levy at The Funky Buddah, in Boca Raton, Florida

Sardonic and acerbic are two excellent words to describe Rev Bob Levy, mainly because I am sure he will have no idea what they are! His comedy is irreverent, yet timely, spur of the moment, feeding off the audience in a clever, often biting way. When one attends a Levy live performance, it will be different every time.

As a man outside of the stage of the comedy realm Levy always looks for ways to build-up rather than tear down his fellow comedians. He has assisted young comics on the now famous Killers of Comedy tour. The man is way different offstage than on.

Recently Bob took the big plunge and moved from N.J. to South Carolina to be a part of the Skip Church Radio show 9AM to 1PM  M-F. Blast your comedy browsers to the link for more info how to listen: www.skipchurchradio.com

With out further ado I present the, the one, the only, the intellectual giant, cunning linguist, man who hates Lebron, yet has a dog named Lebron, Rev Bob Levy.

Just a bit of background, What made you get into comedy and not become a shoe salesman or elementary school janitor?

It was a way for me not to go to Jail! No Asshole, I did not want to become a shoe salesman

Name a few of your favorite influences, comedy wise, acting wise, and just plain wise guys. Mine is Al Capone! HAHa

I respect Robert Deniro, because he is a trailblazer. Bob proceeded to tell me that this question is my failed attempt at humor.

On to the meat of the matter, We all know what happened with your departure from Sirius Radio, was there one event that you think lead to it? if so what was it?

I threatened someone in the building, it was taken seriously. (As a funny side comment, the inter view was done live on Levy's internet show, someone asked what other building have you been banned from. I had to mention library! )

Upstate New York, do you regret making the attempt to move there or was it a learning experience? (Bob moved there for a job, which did not work out long term)

Every place I go is a learning experience. You cannot know unless you go to the new location.

I love internet streaming radio shows, What made you decide to do your own show through Stickum?

It, allows me to have full creativity, and work out live material as my shows can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I plan to keep the internet show going on Sundays and a few other times even though I have the full time gig with Skip Church Radio

How is the comedy pilot writing coming along, any takers for scripts you have written?

My writing is going good, the networks only want the reality shows now. I have plans to put all of my comedy buddies like Artie, Nick, and Colin in the show when the time comes.

Now that you have been on the air a week in South Carolina, how do you like of the new surroundings, how does Chrissy like it, how about Lebron and Chloe?( His Dogs) Would you stay even if the radio show was cancelled?

Chrissy loves it, we have more space, people are not living on top of one another, Lebron and Chloe have room to explore. Yes we really like the area. (Someone in the chat room room mentioned that it was his favorite place to live for two months until he is fired or moves on. HA, actually this time I believe BOB, his new area is really nice.)

What pisses you off about the comedy business?

Absolutely nothing.

What are your favorite aspects of the Comedy Business?

Allows for creativity, freedom to work when I want to, keeps me out of jail.

Is this interview taking to long?

Yes Asshole lose my freakin number, i never want to do another one of your moronic  stupid interviews again, you are wasting my damn time!

What are your comedy goals for the rest of 2012 and beyond?

To continue being creative, settling into my new surroundings, and to avoid doing any more dumb interviews with you!

Follow Bob on twitter @ https://twitter.com/#!/TheRevBobLevy
Main Home Page is www.revboblevy.com

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