Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ghost Recon: Alpha Movie Review

Above Pic: Truck driver begs for his life. Don't be a WUSS, get this film!

Before starting this review, just want to throw out there that I do not play any of the video games. In some ways, I think this fact make me really enjoy this short 25 minute blast of military insanity even more. This film is a perfect watch this Memorial Day!

Like a Poe story the viewer is thrust straight into the undulating action. Ghost Recon: Alpha opens with a small group of covert soldiers following a military truck to an abandoned Russian Military Base. One soldier is perched up high, a few on the ground. The soldier's Jeep pulls out in front of the larger truck and the action just flails out from there. Bullets fly fast and furious, watch for a couple of cool Terminator style toys near the end! I do not want to spoil any more plot points as this is such a short film, thus the short review.

Above Pic: Sometimes you have to just blow Sh*t up!

Everything about this short film is top notch. The background environment conveys a stark sense of impending ominous reality. The stark ambient scene lighting sets the mood in the same way a real battle would take place, like a slight haze over the area. There is not much dialogue, but when it happens, listen closely, not only for the military speak, but for plot points, as the movie leads to the new Game.

Above Pic: This is definitively not WWI battle gear, aim for the head, after facial recognition!

Overall I give Ghost Recon: Alpha a 7.5 out of 10, very well done a must watch. I kind of wish it were about 5 minutes longer to show a bit more set-up, but this film is setting up the new Clancy action game: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

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