Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus Movie Review

Above Pic: Fox promo poster for Prometheus

Before actually reviewing this film, I will say that there will be a large majority of the plebiscite and obstinate, who will dismiss this film as socially reprehensible, ultra theosophical, yet once again Mr Scott erudiates us, enlightens our minds, and blasts our senses with a cacophony of excess.

The film opens with a superior sentient being drinking a potion and thus dispelling his DNA into the murky waters. This is where my review of plot description ends, to spoil this movie would be theatrical blasphemy.

Basically, what it boils down to is a search for life, an enigmatic search for mankind's existance and Prometheus forces us as audience members to think about what we believe, and where we came from.

Allegory is abound in Prometheus, watch for the placement of the cross around Shaw's neck. Deflecting and deception reign supreme as the film rolls headlong into the penultimate, and the foreboding ultimate conclusion.

As for the screening, I saw this on a 5 story high by 8 story wide museum IMAX with full remote activated wireless glasses, and 15,000 watt sound system. The film was shot this way, to be experienced in a museum setting, 15/70 aspect, I DO NOT, recommend to see it, the first time at least, any other way. No Mall theater has this! There are appx. 30 theaters in the US with screens this size or larger, find one and go!

The presentation of Prometheus was flawless, save for a few minor scene changes and dissolves. The 3D depth of field was the best since Avatar, but with this film, this was not an inviting landscape. The ships and look of the film had the original Alien feel, part new part old technology. There were organisms, and landscapes, that are easily missed if not paying full attention.

Above Pic: (C) 2012 Fox/ Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report (Click to increase size, right click the larger sized pic, and select view image, and then select save as.) Congrats, you got Noomi!

As for the acting, I liked the characters. I think they went for a cross section of humanity on this mission. As for Noomi's accent, yeah, guess what idiots, her first language is, surprise, not English! She portrayed her character with depth, tenacity, a feral like desire to learn the truth. Her quest for knowledge and impassioned searching are refreshing in a time when comfort is the norm. Noomi obviously worked out athletically for the part, she was ready to kick ass, because Ridley expects that of his actresses.

Charlize Theron, was cold and calculated, playing the first class bitch role to near perfection. Fassbender, well, he is Fassbender, entertaining to watch garrulous and intellectual. The secondary characters are interesting, I particularity liked the two geologists who became scared at the discovery of life, and deliver the classic line, "I came here to study rocks, I did not sign up for this."

 Above Pic: (C) 2012 Fox/ Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report (Check steps in above pic to increase size.)

That is it readers, in a few words, I liked it, but do caution, simpleton, I like my films wrapped in a box, viewers, you probably WILL hate it. I give Prometheus a 9 out of 10, damn epic, my mind works in mysterious ways, hahah! Please bring Noomi in for further research!

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  1. Just got done watching it and I can’t say I was all that impressed with what I saw. Yeah, it had its moments that were tense and a little freaky but it never fully got off the ground for me. However, it’s a beautiful film the whole way through and one that should definitely be seen in 3D no matter wherever you may be. Good review Dan.


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