Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alpha Girls Brings the Babes, Blood, and Bad Behavior!!

Above Pic: Alpha Girls pic from the official Facebook page.

Got a cool e-mail from Director Kevin Gallagher, he gives me a brief plot synapses of his new film: "Alpha Beta House is the oldest and most elite sorority in the world. Some of the most influential politicians, celebrities and scientists are Alpha Girl alumni. After performing long hidden rituals, some of the sisters suspect that their good fortune is tainted by demonic evil. They quickly realize firsthand that the consequences of their curiosity are much more gruesome than any of them could have possibly imagined."

Alpha Girls info:  Starring: Nikki Bell, Falon Joslyn, Nicole Cinaglia, Kara Zhang and Beverly Rivera

From the writers of DOGS of Mars (Image Comics) Tony Trov & Johnny Zito; DiY artists living in Philadelphia.

How can this be a bad thing, sexy girls, splattering blood and Ron Jeremy. I am all over this like a cheap suit. Watch for future interviews, the movie review, and possibly a giveaway when the movie releases!

For now, point your stiff browsers to the Official Facebook Page @

Or slice your web surfing device to the main site @  Below is the direct link to the trailer:

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