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Sunday, July 1, 2012

1/4 Million Views! Exclusive Krystal Vee Photos! New Contest!


Above Pics: Krystal Vee (C) 2012 Boaz Zippor, click to enlarge. 

Watch for upcoming interviews with Marissa Merrill, Tara Macken, Stephanie Cheeva, and so many others the page would be a mile long if I listed them all! Below is one exclusive pic I took of Tara in Miami on 6-30-12.

Above pic: Proper autograph from a true action girl! Click to enlarge.

For Tara Check out her Reel and short film Escape @ /watch?v=fOHrLwhoMh4

USA Contest: Open to my loyal USA readers: Red Cliff Region one Blu-Ray! 

Asia Contest: Open exclusively to my valued readers from Asia: Krystal Vee Autographed Photo, and Almen Wong (From Her Name is Cat, Shanghai Grand) Autographed Photo!

Europe Contest: When released, Autographed Warrioress DVD

World: Rock of Ages poster!  Open to anyone on Earth!

Simple rules: Comment on any post on the site, leave your name - e-mail, and Continent, most creative comments, negative or positive win! Please make sure that you mention the contest in the post. 

Contests will run all Summer!

Watch for Book Reviews coming soon! First Up, Stunt Woman/Actress Angela Meryl, she wrote a cool book about how to get into Stunt Work!  Below is a pic of Angela Working on a new Applebees commercial



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  1. Its great to see someone show support to such great actresses and actors, It's even greater to see the response back from the actresses on this site keep up the great work....



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