Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Actress Tara Macken Upcoming! Exclusive photos, New Nike Ad Screenshots!

Above Pic: Tara Macken, Image Credit: Danny Shamon 6-30-12 {All pics can be made wallpaper sized by left clicking to enlarge, then right clicking the larger image and selecting view image, left click again on image and blam! Tara is wallpaper ready!}

Yes! The 2012 year of action continues on Dan's Movie Report! Soon my loyal readers will have a detailed interview of Tara Macken from The Hunger Games and the new ultra-violent action film RAZE!

Check out the new pic of the full Raze cast below that includes Zoë Bell and Rachel Nichols as leads:

Tara is super cool, full of life, and has a bundle of energy. I have to wet your appetite with a few new pics of Tara, keep checking Dan's Movie Report daily. Follow Tara on twitter @!/taramacken Like her Facebook page @

Check out her cool stunt reel @

Watch Tara get some of her aggression out on this short film called Escape @

Above Pic: Tara Macken, Image Credit: Danny Shamon 6-30-12

Below are a couple of screenshots of her new Nike Commercial. Images (C) 2012 Nike, Screen Caps: Dan's Movie Report -Check out the YouTube link @

Tara's Second Nike Commercial has aired! Check Youtube Link Below @

Above Screens (C) 2012 Nike, Screencaps: Dan's Movie Report

Keep your eyes pealed for more Tara and all the Raze ladies all through 2012, on Dan's Movie Report!

For More info on The Hunger Games check out this cool site


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