Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Beer Tale Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster from A Beer Tale (C) MTI Home Video

Direct from MTI Home video comes a relaxed paced tale of twins, Luke and Corey Frankenstein who literally grew up around beer. Beer humor such as "I got to be careful last time I fell in love with beer I gained ten pounds!"  is prevalent, along with the obvious drunken material.

Below is a wall paper sized screen cap of the brothers running away! (C) MTI Home Video.

There is some laughs, a bit of silly humor, the obligatory guy fueled, or shall I say beer fueled adventure, culminating with them being locked up for a situation, which you have to witness, no not going to spoil it, thinking they are going to get raped in solitary confinement haha.

Luke has a lady who leaves him, and Cory wants to drive a wedge between his relationships, and ultimately the film actually manages to become somewhat of a metaphorical social commentary on sibling relationships, all be it an over the top sarcastic and exaggerated one.

The two lead actors are solid Lee Roy Cruz as Corey and Cru Ennus as Luke, as both are put through several iterations ranging from dramatic, action, and comedy. There is enough story and pace, and the fact the film is a tight 75 minutes is perfect for a tale that does not need padding.

A Beer Tale is a definite rent, and rates a sudsy 5.0 on the hops scale.

Currently the film is available on MTI Home Video. For more info go to


  1. You are either delusional or a shill for the makers of this movie. "I got to be careful last time I fell in love with beer I gained ten pounds!" That's funny? Really? Wow!

  2. Rented this movie by accident thinking it was going to be another hilariously stupid beer movie that would make my girlfriend laugh since she only likes stupid movies.
    This movie has nobody I've ever heard of, maybe one person I remember from a commercial or something. Obviously low budget movie with routine cliches. No big action, no big names, no special effects, nothing that will shock you or bring in crowds seeking mindless entertainment, but guess what, this movie actually comes together.
    This is just a great American story about two brothers that overcome life's challenges to make great beer. F the critics.

  3. nice review. Do you know if those guys are in anyway related to the Left Hand Brewing company? what was the deal with the heavy promo and product placement? It was as if they were shooting the film from their home base, ostensibly this beer brewing facility.

    In my opinion, I didn't think it stacked up to shit, but it was fun every now and then. Some of the girls were cute. always a plus.


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