Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ang Lee's Life Of PI Exclusive Photos!

 Above Pic: Film Poster of Life Of PI

Below: Exclusive Wallpaper images of Ang Lee Behind the scenes! Click to enlarge. Right Click on enlarged image, select View Image, The left click and bam a hi-res wallpaper exclusive from Dan's Movie Report!

Greetings film fans worldwide, Keep checking back on this post for Dan's Movie Report for more upcoming exclusive behind the scenes material from Life Of PI, the latest film from acclaimed, and Academy Award Winning directer Ang Lee from the novel by Yann Martel. Watch for other Life of PI surprises!

Above Pic: Novel Cover of Life of PI

Check out the cool new trailer for the film on youtube @

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  1. I loved the novel and when I read it first time it was in my mind fully for about a week, - It has very profound effect on the person who reads it - What u take from the novel depends on what ur - I hope Ang Lee has done justice to the movie - The promos looks awesome and reviews are excellent - Waiting for sunday to watch it.


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