Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beau Pollock Photographer Spotlight

Above Pic: Actress Marissa Merrill (C) 2012 Beau Pollock

Throughout the years of Dan's Movie Report, it is rewarding to partner with high quality lens artists to provide Dan's Movie Report with exclusive content.

Anyone reading this column that knows of a photographer, or is a photographer of actors and actresses who would be willing  to lend some exclusive shots to Dan's Movie Report, please email me at the address on the top of the page.

Today I present Beau Pollock, I enjoy the man's diverse style. His diverse work range from the underground material, to high art, and even in Rolling Stone! What caught my attention is his eye for layers, and a raw beauty to his natural images. Below are a couple of exclusive 35MM film images of actress Marissa Merrill.

Enjoy Beau's Work on his official Website @ www.beaupollock.com

Beau is also actively script writing and producing, watch for more of him in the future on Dan's Movie Report.

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