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Demon Hunter Movie Review (2012)

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Demon Hunter, formerly known is Obsidian Hearts, is the story of a young lady named Cosette (Jenny Allford), who has the curse of attracting demons wherever she may be. Cosette's "curse" also attracts various other nefarious people, who want to do others harm. Because of this horrid curse, she roams in the forest with a protector, a tall, stoic German speaking man named Klaus (Robert Amstler). Cosette seeks to break the curse, to be reunited with her father, and for once, to live in peace. In order to do that she must locate two ancient artifacts to be joined.

Demon Hunter opens with a Klaus in the forest, just unloading a huge can, no make that a full case of cans of whoop-ass on this guy with music blaring, instantly I know with Demon Hunter I am ready for madness! After the ass-kickery and gun-play we are introduced to our lady Cosette, a nice looking blond, digging through a deceased demon's skull to look for the artifact.

 Above Pic: Klaus and Cosette share a quiet moment on Demon Hunter.

Let me just say that the story flails out from there, demons, mercenaries, ghost towns, haunted abandoned hospitals with full electricity, shiny windows haha, and wild shoot outs in the forest with mercenaries that have the same expertise in aim as a walrus has running a marathon. Demon Hunter is a fun flick with copious amounts of action. The acting at times, perhaps due to the actors'  inexperience, is a trifle wooden on the secondary characters, but does not detract from the story, however the action and dialogue expound on the story and are more than enough to retain interest.

Above Pic: Raven Lexy heats up the screen in Demon Hunter.

Newcomer Raven Lexy does a good job portraying her small role Michelle My Bell, and she has a memorable scene, and I am not gonna spoil it. She has a nice smile and clear delivery, looking to see more of her on film. Oh, by the way did I mention she is just amazingly beautiful. Lead actress Jenny Allford is given a lot to say and do, this role must have been challenging for her, she for the most part pulls it off. Robert Amstler, yeah he is the guy in the Brawney commercials, is quiet, has very few lines, but the action he pulls off is pretty cool.

Above Pic: What movie named Demon Hunter would be complete without a DEMON!

In actuality, Demon Hunter is more of an action-adventure film with horror background, as there are shootouts and fight scenes during several parts. The two small gripes I had was the narrative went on for a bit too long, but better this than not saying enough and the story not making sense, and the pacing seemed a bit off. As a side comment, there is nudity in Demon Hunter.

Director Rene Perez should be commended for wearing so many hats in this film, including writing the script with Barry Massoni, and composing the musical score! Hope to see more of his work in the future.

Overall I like Demon Hunter, the film should play well on the DTV market. I rate Demon Hunter a stabbing, hot girl, 6.5 out of 10


  1. Thank you for such an insightful commment. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Good review - I just started watching this, and the empty clip made me look for reviews!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. this is the worst movie i've ever see

  4. this is the worst movie i've ever see


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