1st Grand indiewise Convention

1st Grand indiewise Convention
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hot New Wonder Woman Fan Film Kicks On Vimeo

Are you starved for action? Directly from action auteur Jesse V. Johnson comes Wonder Woman, a cool 2 minute fan film trailer which shows an adorable Nina Bergman as the lady in tights, getting rough and tumble with a bevy of Nazis. Blast your browsers to http://vimeo.com/60594348 for the video!

The action is fierce, and a look what to expect in the future from Jesse.

Check out also the Official Site @  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wonder-Woman-Fan-Trailer/148064368690752?fref=ts

UPDATE 4-25-13 New Behind the scenes video featuring Nina @  

Follow Jesse on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ActionJesse

For more info on Nina Bergman ceck out her official sites:




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  1. I found the official fan page for this Project... It has a bunch of cool pictures and video's. Check it out... They are even doing the making of...



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