Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Ready For The Dragon's Challenge, A New UK Martial Arts Competition: Sunday, May 26th!

As part of the Kings battleground Event on Sunday May 26th, Martial Artist and leader of The Personal best Academy Zara Phythian has a forms/Kata challenge for all competitors. The groups are divided by age brackets:

 DIVISIONS. The pilot event at the Kings Battleground on the 26th May 2013 will first be split in to the following registration divisions:
1. Jnr Grade 12yrs and under
2. Jnr Grade 13yrs to 17yrs
3. Jnr Grade 18yrs plus
4. Black Belts 12yrs and under
5. Black Belts 13yrs to 17yrs
6. Black Belts 18yrs plus
(The production, not the tournament directors may add more splits to the divisions pending the size of registration)

To find out more info and register point your browsers to:

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