Saturday, November 30, 2013

Enemies Closer Movie Review

Honestly  I had no information about about Enemies Closer prior to watching the film. I usually enjoy watching films I know nothing about. This movie involves drugs and a ruthless, yet nature loving bad guy named Xander played by Van Damme. The movie opens up with border patrol agents searching for a plane that went down near an island, and drugs are suspected. Van Damme and his group pose as Royal Mounties and offer assistance, but in reality, they just wanted  the location that the plane went down. A huge fight breaks out and let me just state that Van Damme is the villian and the good guys are dispatched.

The movie progresses at a rapid pace, even though the audience is never clued in on the origins of the drugs or any other set up. The two other main characters are Henry park ranger with military experience portrayed by  and Clay () a man hell-bent on revenge because Henry got his younger brother killed.

Most of the action in Enemies Closer involves outside foot chase scenes and gun standoffs. There is some fighting, Van Damme engages in, but it is not the focus of the film. There is gun violence throughout, so be prepared as martial arts are definitely on the back burner in Enemies Closer

Sadly the dialogue in Enemies Closer is not good, and at times rather silly. Van Damme should have been given better lines, rather than spouting off about being a vegan before killing guys in cold blood. Running at barely 80 minutes until closing credits, the film wastes no time getting into the action, but because little is known about the characters, there is no impact or importance when one dies or a major event takes place.

A secondary role is filled by actress  who portrays Kayla. Her character is actually given depth even though she has limited screen time. Additionally  plays Sanderson, a colorful old man who lives in the forest, and just wants to be left alone.

Overall Enemies Closer was decent, but lacked depth and is one of those watch it and forget it films. I rate the film a 5 out of 10. I know how amazing Van Damme is, and Enemies Closer is not a great film for him to display them.

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