Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report! Actor/Stunt Coordinator Brahim Achabbakhe Exclusive Interview!

Above photo: Brahim and Tiger Chen in Man of Tai Chi (C) 2013 

I know what most of my readers are saying, who is Brahim!?! Well folks, Brahim is the driving force behind some of the most memorable action film of the last few years. From being Scott Adkin's stunt double and the stunt coordinator on Ninja: Shadow of A Tear, to training sexy actresses like Krystal Vee and Zom Ammara how to screen fight for Scorpion King and Kill 'Em All Brahim has earned quite a positive reputation the world over for his various skills and talents. Until the interview drops in a few weeks, check out Brahim's IMDB page and his reel for more info. Brahim will bring his extensive behind the scenes fight knowledge to the spotlight. -- As always, keep reading Dan's Movie Report, your home for exclusive content in action, in movies and in pictures!  Demo Reel for Brahim

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