Friday, January 9, 2015

Jeff Centauri Prepares To Release Armored Outlaws! From World Of Tanks! Exclusive Photos! Dan's Movie Report

Above Pic: Armored Outlaws Poster (C) 2015
Above Photo: Gumi Ho in 'Armored Outlaws' (C) 2015 Jeff Centauri Exclusive for Dan's Movie Report!

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Greetings fellow action fans and fans of extremely nice looking ladies. Action director and all around movie maker Jeff Centauri has an exiting couple of projects that will be released soon! Taken To Sell will drop on January 16th, but for this post I will focus on 'Armored Outlaws'  Jeff states that 'Armored Outlaws is the most powerful clan in 'World Of Tanks' and that he aims to merge exciting action with mesmerizing beauty! The executive producer on the project is Jim Bembenek. More news to follow as it arrives keep it locked in to your home for exclusives Dan's Movie Report!

Check out the sexy Nica!
Gumi Ho Kicking!
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Check out the exclusive photos! All Images (C) 2015 Jeff Centauri A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Watch for more in the meantime check out their official sites! Nica

Gumi Ho @

Much More to follow! Connect with Jeff on his youtube Channel @


  1. SWEET JESUS! This movie is going to be AWESOME! I can't wait!!! Girls, gaming, World of Tanks, and I checked and [AO] is a REAL CLAN! I've been playing world of tanks since 2010, it's one of the best games ever. I can't believe they are making a movie about it!

  2. [AO] Armored Outlaws is an awesome gaming clan!


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