Monday, January 12, 2015

Rope A Dope 2 -The Return Of The Martial Art Mafia Movie Review 

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In the decade or so I have been writing about Eric Jacobus and The Stunt People, they never have disappointing, always fresh and innovative with new ideas. With Rope A Dope 2, Eric and the gang have out done themselves not only in creativity, but in epic, maniacal humor. In the opening sequence which I have to reference to "Live Die, Repeat" we see the same sequence with our hero waking up with a newspaper thrown through the window hitting his head, and subsequently ending up in a fight.

Although 18 minute film has no dialogue, the action and settings tell the story of two guys locked in combat and one up fighting. Literally everything can be used as a weapon and in homage to 'Karate Kid' a weapon's master "read guy pushing a grocery cart of odd discarded items" trains our hero not the force but haha mastering the art of frying pans and canes!

The fights are long and memorable, particularly the one outside with the frying pan with multiple attackers. Eric is a master of unusual weapons, not sure what will be in his next effort, but I am waiting for a European Cucumber!

Rope A Dope 2 is by far the highest production value on any of The Stunt People shorts. A definitive collabrative effort as Clayton Barber and Freddie Poole involved as producers, and Eric and Pete Lee are directing.. In fact the film is listed as a Barber Jacobus production. This is significant. I believe further collaboration between various action groups will untimately lead to better production values and higher quality material, worthy of a strong look from studios to eventually pluck out various people.

On the sexy action side watch for a short cameo by Ashley Short, obviously she can mix it up with the boys, actually I hope in future Stunt People production action women are given a chance to shine. Eric, still waiting for a Mileena Stryker fight! Seriously though, strong female  characters are a standard even on the big budget films now. I am definitely looking for more Ashley in the future!

Finally, after interviewing Eric last year: I must say his beard is now at the legendary status, please completely follow his grooming habits, and read his in depth interview you will learn not only his new projects and ideas, he will tell you what razor he uses, exclusively on your home for insane action, and follicle fancy, Dan's Movie Report! Watch for more from Eric in 2015!

I watched Rope A Dope 2 three times and have come to the conclusion that this is far and away the best piece that Eric has had a hand in working on. Rope A Dope 2 rates an sky high kick to the face, and hot frying pan to the head 9.5 out of 10, yeah it is that good! 

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