Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'Assassin Interrogation' Movie Review (Short Film 2015)

For more than 15 years film maven Jeff Centauri has been creating specialty short films that feature lovely ladies in action. He has a unique eye for talent and beauty, 'Assassin Interrogation' is no exception, as Jeff takes on the director of photography role, and action man Sonny Sison, directs and fight choreographs.

This marks Tae Kwon Do expert Andrea Abdon's (AKA Gumi Ho) first ever appearance in front of the camera. Andrea has been training for a few years and is ready to take the next step. The 3 minute film shows Andrea being broken down and then interrogated by her captors. They water torture her, and soon find out that she is way the hell more than they bargained for even strapped to a chair.

Andrea has a natural presence about her. fun and spunky with a side of roughness. Soon she fights back on her kidnappers and begins to dish out some wicked punishment. Kicks and punches are flying.

The film is well shot and edited, the swinging light adds ethereal effects of a dizzy action sequence and the madness of the fight.  Once again, kudos to Jeff with regards to improvising, and creatie photography. and of course to Sonny for some very cool choreography.

Overall looking forward to checking out more material from Jeff, Sonny, and the adorable Andrea.

The film is on Youtube in 1080p resolution! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbbJ36ttn7M

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