Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lake Placid VS Anaconda Movie Review (2015)

With the recent rise of 'combo films' such 'Sharknado', 'Sharktopus', and the laughable 'Snakes on a Plane' it seems like the new cool thing to do is combine the scary monsters together. 'Lake Placid' and 'Anaconda' are two franchises that seem to have more lives than a cat and perhaps it does make sense, that they merge and become one.

The film opens in a portable research facility, where crocs and snake DNA are combined, to form an apex animal, for the protected reserve. Things get crazy when Robert Englund as the aptly named 'Bickerman' character is getting antsy and wants his money so he can leave the protected facility.

Husky voiced Yancy Butler reprises her role from 'Lake Placid 3', and Lake placid: The Final Chapter' as the hard nosed, and wonderfully sarcastic sheriff 'Reba' Corin Nemic, plays 'Tull' a game warden who is also helping and searching for his daughter.

Rather than going into a 1,000 word soliloquy with regards to 'Lake Placid vs Anaconda' the main premise is these creatures are being bred for profit, by a crazy lady who will stop at nothing to see them complete the egg laying cycle.

The side plots, are mostty throwaway, as the body count rises, all due to crocs or snakes of course. Of course, there is the obliigatory nudity, but what would an b movie be without it! I did notice that the film was shot in Bulgaria, must be a new hotbed for anacondas and crocs! HAHA! 

Sadly the acting is rather wooden and at times the things that happen in the film are weird, such as a full sized jeep being crushed by one of the snakes. I know it is a comedy/horror, but there was just not enough of either to keep the film flowing. Robert England's character was kind of cool, but he did a disappearing act in the middle. I wanted to like the film, and Yancy seemed to try hard, but a combination of the source material, oddly un- frightening CGI and wooden acting, I give the film a cautious rent only and rate it a 4.5 out of 10

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