Monday, August 10, 2015

Exclusive! New Wallpaper Photos and Trailer for 'The Chemist'

Greetings esteemed readers Dan's Movie Report, your home for all exclusive content all the time. Over the past few months info and photos have been surfacing from the Art Camacho film 'The Chemist' This full on action explosion, includes stars Nina Bergman and Stéphanie Gérard . The two sultry ladies heat up the screen with their seething performance. Enjoy four brand new sexy desktop wallpaper images exclusively on Dan's Movie Report! How do I get these amazing 2000X1500 resolution pictures to my desktop do you ask, well--in Windows, left click on the photo to make it bigger, right click on the larger picture, select view image, left click on the larger image, it will get huge! Then simply right click and select save as, and you got it! Incidentally check out both of the ladies' exclusive interviews as well @

In addition a brand new trailer with a fresh edit has dropped from the sky, check it out on Youtube!

For more info, blast your browsers to the official Facebook page @
Watch for interviews with Art Camacho and Lu Dwyer soon!

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