Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dragon Blade Movie Review (2015)

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Being a fan of Jackie Chan since 1979 when I watched Snake in the Eagle's Shadow on Saturday afternoon on a local TV station, I was absolutely blown away that the master of farcical action could explode into a hard hitting battle epic like Dragon Blade.

Based in part on the legend of control of the Silk Road, with an international cast of the fantastically gifted Adrien Brody as the maniac Tiberious. A battle scarred and ostracized legion leader, who breaks free, portrayed with zeal by John Cusack. The additional cast is also amazing! Well acted and thought out. Obviously took time not just to learn the lines but to blast them out, like a war cannon!

I hate spoiler reviews so let me just say, the 2 hour and 4 minute films is epic, ultra violent, and has perhaps some of the finest filmed action sequences ever produced. Jackie himself is the action coordinator, of the 65 million dollar Chinese production.

As a fan of seeing films in their full broadcast I was rather perturbed when the massive John Woo epic Red Cliff was truncated from 2 two hour films to one 2 and 1 half hour film. I Sincerely hope that the US release is not truncated, nor altered to PG-13.

The costumes, massive battle sequences, I am sure would have cost 150 mil if a US production, and to witness such creativity, is an impressive sight. These were mainly location based sets, and trust me, it looked amazing, at a mammoth scale.

Oddly enough I actually wanted about another 10 to 15 minutes of character building,  but by the end, I figured out why they did not, no spoilers!

Do not let anyone spoil this film for you, the path is worth the payoff, support great films like this! Impressive respect to everyone involved, I sincerely hope Jackie continues in this new direction.

Overall this film is a must own category, a 9 out of 10! Get it uncut!

The film releases to the US September 4th!

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