Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Beautiful Ones – Movie Review (Dan's Movie Report) © 2015 Danny Templegod

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Special thanks go to Jesse V. Johnson, for allowing me an early viewing of this project! The Film Screens in LA Sept 26th! 'Santa Monica Promenade Playhouse', click the Facebook event page for details The Beautiful Ones - LA Indie Artists Film Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/1615408265379253/

In an era of 4k television and ultra HD theatrical releases, 'The Beautiful Ones' is a hard slap in the face in a black and white world! Hearkens back to the classics, who shall remain nameless! If I name them, 'The Package' may come my way!

Written and directed by Jesse V. Johnson, 'The Beautiful Ones' is gangster noir for a modern generation. The film follows the adventures of Gabriel Tancredi , (Ross McCall) and his exploits in the world of the mob. The characters in the film add the color, so the black and white filming technique is not even noticed.

The film has a cool, laid back narrative by the lead character. More often than not this is not needed in a film, but in 'The Beautiful Ones' it serves as a background informational plot device and creative character development. Quite interesting is how Gabriel describes the characters he meets with the narrative. My personal favorite part is the interplay between Gabriel and Angela Morot (Jesse Schram) There are copious references to Steve McQueen, and the sexy Angela, has some classic lines including referring to herself as Peggy Cummings from 'Gun Crazy'. Over the next few minutes lines about Steve McQueen are traded between the two characters, and the interplay is classic guy and girl dialogue. Afterwards Gabriel goes into a detailed narrative about her, and the visuals are of Angela moving in slow motion around the home, exudes a narrative deeper than any nude scene, because the viewer is forced to imagine what happens.

As the film progresses, the audience is introduced to various nefarious characters, and no, I will not spoil it! This is a thinking man's mafia/gangster film. Are there gunfights, yes, are there smoky rooms, yes, however, the thoughtful dialogue in 'The Beautiful Ones', coupled with the life altering climax, make for a spectacular film, worthy of academy mention.

All involved with the film obviously took time to get lighting, sound and ADR just right. Watching my screener in HD with headphones, allowed 'The Beautiful Ones to come alive, from the opening sultry tones of Angela, right up to the gun play to the exhilarating climax. Thanks to the attention to detail in 'The Beautiful Ones', the film has a definite repeat watch factor, and recommended for home viewing when it becomes available! This is my modern day Citizen Kane and my top film for 2015, 'The Beautiful Ones' scores a damn near perfect 9.5 out of 10, The film should develop a cult following at film festivals, and deserves a worldwide theatrical release in 2016.

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