Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brutal: A Taste Of Violence (Tv Mini-Series) Review Dan's Movie Report

Special thanks go to my action friend Byron Gibson for his patience in me working on this review. Brutal: A Taste of Violence is a web series that is an hour in total length yet broken up into very small segments. Brutal in its entirety plays out like a tournament fighting film minus the 30 minutes of in between material likened to fluff. Yes, have no fear there is a story hiding in there based on a fighter lured back to fight for a bigger organization then a kidnapping, but the highlight is the actual action. Rather gripping fight sequences, with Byron Gibson as the seedy yet surprisingly sophisticated fight promoter complete with a microphone in skull to announce the matches haha!.

The main character meets some pretty interesting people on his journey to hid from authorities and to train, including a portly and garrulous ex. army male nurse who happens to have geek like computer skills. Plus of course there is a beautiful lady at the gym. Brutal has just enough sub plots and dialogue to keep the story going, I am actually curious to see a second season, to see some more character development and new fighters. Watch for a cameo from Far East Action man Ron Smoorenburg, throwing his size around.

Overall the Brutal Web Series rates a 6.5 out of 10 not too bad, kind of wished for a bit longer episodes but definitely watchable.

More detailed information:

David Belle is back a bang with a new hard hitting gritty 10 episode fight series called “Brutal, A Taste of Violence. Axel Chen (David Belle), ex-special forces officer, is a bouncer in a nightclub. When he is brutally attacked by a group of customers and wrongfully accused of killing one of his aggressors, a wild escape begins, taking him all the way to Bangkok, where he will have to fight to prove his innocence and manage to make a living.
The 10 Episode fight series stars Parkour Legend David Belle, Vithaya Pansringarm (Only God Forgives), Byron Gibson (Only God Forgives, Asian Connection) Pim Bubear (Asian Connection, The Man with the Iron Fists)
The series is on limited release in France and South America only on studio+ a new premium series for mobile users like Netflix. https://studio.plus/
Produced By Save Ferris Entertainment.
Directed Julien Colonna
Writer(s) Pierre-Marie Mosconi, Jean-Charles Felli, David Belle

DoP Olivier Guerbois

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