Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fighting Spirit Film Festival 2019! Get Ready for Triple Threat! Full Program Details! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Fighting Spirit Logo with added date to festival! (C) 2018 Fighting Spirit festival , used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, while we are a week away from the USA premiere of Triple Threat I have some news regarding the Triple Threat premiere and showing of other films at the Fighting Spirit film festival in Birmingham on April 28th, 2019 !!

Above: Official Poster for Triple Threat (C) 2019 Well Go USA! Used for Promotional purposes only

The Official link has been set up to preview the amazing event.  

To check out past events, including an amazing UK. Premiere of The Debt Collector, please follow this link below and check out these radical videos from past events!

To fuel your appetite for Triple Threat an 8 second blast! Tony Jaa and Ron Smoorenburg BTS fighting all exclusive all the time on Dan's Movie Report! 

This video is exclusive to Dan's Movie Report! Never before shown!

In addition to the U.K. Theatrical Premiere of Triple Threat four winners of the 2018 Fighting Spirit short films will also show!


Godefroy Ryckewaert | 2017 | French | Action Comedy | 22 mins
An action comedy film featuring two special agents skilled in close-up combat: Tranh, a young intelligent, down-to-earth woman, and Nowak, reckless, adventurous, and somewhat narrow-minded. They are on a undercover mission to recover paintings which belong to the government, stolen by a German esthete, Otto Von Schnitzel, head of a neo-Nazi faction.


Aeddan Sussex | 2018 | English, Mandarin | Action | 22 mins
Now hunted by the very gang she was once a part of, Shu struggles to find a way of restoring her father’s legacy, all whilst under constant attack from their new leader; her murderous brother Fang.


Carter Ferguson | 2017 | English | Action | 19mins
A seasoned contract killer returns reluctantly to Hong Kong, a city of bitter memories for him. He is to meet a young up-and-coming gun-for-hire to carry out an unspecified job together, but when they do meet his past life resurfaces and leaves both men questioning their motives. A searing, emotional rooftop climax triggers a kick-back against the manipulation they have both suffered.


Qing LV | 2017 | Mandarin | Documentary | 5 mins
Harsh Verma was previously as a professional football player at AC Milan - now he is the first Indian warrior monk accepted by Shaolin Temple. This documentary tells his story.

Dan's Movie Report will be on hand for this momentous occasion! Of course! I will be sending an intrepid U.K. Representative to the screening event! Watch for more coming in April! Watch this space for an additional surprise announcement coming soon, from Fighting Spirit Film Festival regarding another premiere!! Fighting Spirit delivers the action and is ready for the next level of events. To learn more about the film Triple Threat, straight from Director Jesse V. Johnson, please read his 3,000 word exclusive interview exclusively on Action-Flix.com! 

Above: Jesse V. Johnson flying through the air to show what is needed for the action! (C) 2017 used for interview purposes only, not for monetizing! www.action-flix.com

In that interview Action-Flix and Dan's Movie Report team up to deliver an in depth, detailed look at all phases of the production! Congrats to the entire team at Fighting Spirit Festival for this amazing event!

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