Saturday, December 21, 2019

Global Legion FC Host Nina Bergman comes to South Florida!! Live MMA and Boxing Event! Exclusive Photos!

Above: Flyer for the event

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. I had the opportunity to hang out with Nina Bergman live. She was hosting a very cool fusion event mixing MMA and Boxing in the same night. Global Legion FC (Fight Club) took place December 13th at the Florida National Guard Armory in Miramar, Florida.

The eleven bout event had a unique ring with a cage at the base and ring ropes at the top. Check the photo below:

 Essentially they alternated between MMA and boxing, and successfully merged the two. Highlights of the even included a great bout with boxer Harold Calderon who is the WBC Latin champ and the return an victory of Thiago ( he was in the UFC, but has not fought in a couple of years. 

Since this is a movie site, I am going to focus on actress/singer/host Nina Bergman. She states “I was in Denmark and this job was surprising, I am in Florida now!” She was gracious enough to allow me to take a few red carpet photos and I took some of her in the ring as well! Watch for new 2020 interview with her soon! Kudos to the entire staff of the event from security to wait staff very professionally done, minor gripes only being the entrance music was playing during her intros and the running order of the fights was not posted on the flyer. Other than that the entire nearly 4 hour event was great!

The next event from the promotion is in February, 2020. go to for more information – Facebook @

Facebook Connect with Nina @ 

All photos Copyright 2019 by Danny Templegod and are watermarked in photo. The photo of Nina and I on the red carpet was taken by a gentleman at the event, if you took the photo please connect to me and I will of course post your name as credit.

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