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Snow Black (2020) Movie Review (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers, across my desk today came a new film from the mind of Producer/Writer/Director Robert D Parham called 'Snow Black' . The film will be unleashed soon on Maverick Entertainment. Robert allowed me to the first to review the film so this will be a very preliminary no spoiler review. I spoke with Robert and star Sarah V Buckner, and in the coming months they will both have in depth interviews about the film.

Synopsis: Sarah Camden, a special operations soldier with PTSD, returns home to bury her mother. She realizes that she has to rid her hometown of gangs, drugs and crooked politicians. Sarah calls in her special ops buddies to clean up the town. 

Above actress Sarah Buckner as Sarah Camden, kicking some ass in a slinky top!

Essentially Snow Black is a film about a new, and very dangerous drug out on the streets that the police are unable to stop the transfer and sale of. Robert D Parham plays a police detective Thomas Kellar assigned to the case. Actually his story is not the focus, but comes in later. The main focus is Sarah V. Buckner's character Sarah Camden and her family. She is a sassy, tough and no nonsense lady. Robert told me he was looking for this type of woman to play her, rather than having someone pretend. Buckner did a great job playing the complex and damaged character, having to run the gamete of emotions throughout the film.

Sarah after losing her mom has to identify another family member lost to drugs and this sends her spiraling into a fit of rage. Her father Jerrod Camden played by Ron Van Clief sets a more somber and realistic tone attempting to dampen her rage. 

Above: The Fox squad preparing for mayhem in a Meyham production!

The plot aside which is simple enough to understand, yet interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged ramps up the action with some fighting and gun play interspersed throughout the story. Veteran actress Gloria Hendry gets in on the fray as well. Also there is a somewhat bumbling but always violent 'The Fox Squad' that leave bodies and a mess behind, and get yelled at by their commander. Actress Vejouhn Olsen-Mariette looks tough, menacing, yet enticing!

Snow Black avoids the typical indie movie issues, as Robert does not use nudity in his films, also the team never diverts from the story by under or non developed side plots. Snow Black has much of the same feel as Paraham's earlier effort 'Jackson Bolt' in that regard, but the story is far different.

Veteran actress Gloria Hendry has a scene which is an homage to her role as Sydney in Black Belt Jones. Hendry also starred in the Bond film 'Live and Let Die' as Rosie. Hendry adds an air of panache and sparkle to every production she has worked on. 

Above: Gloria Hendry in the action in Snow Black

All of the behind the scenes work, sets, lighting, editing are solid and looks like a far higher budget then it actually was. Time was taken to edit to a tight 84 minute film, though I am sure more was filmed. A major gripe of mine is when a film just runs too long and a lot of the time is spent wasted either by sticking with a scene too long or the transitional period is too slow, Snow Black does neither and flows.

My only gripe is minor and that involves some character spacing in certain shots. It seems like the confrontations were not as in your face as they could be, aside from the first scene that was. When one character during a fight wielding a four section staff confronts another who has a pair of wooden handled police fighting sticks it seems too staged. Some of the fighting is a bit slow, but obviously the training level varies from actor to actor, and being indie there was just not enough time to get everyone up to the same level.

The music is excellent, and fitting to the story. Look for the sound track on Sony soon!

The story, acting, action of Snow Black make for an entertaining watch, small quips aside, Snow Black rates a 7.5 out of 10 and worthy of a purchase when it becomes available later in 2020!

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