Saturday, May 9, 2020

Round 2- AaronToney's 2nd Quarantine Action Short Is Unlesashed! (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Above: Aaron Toney starts things off in 'Round 2'! Quarantine Fight Challenge!

Below: Full 5 minute film on YouTube

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers, Aaron Tony over at Zero Gravity has created a brand new quarantine video with many of his action friends! This one has high production values and just amazing editing! Many of the actors dressed in the costumes of people they double. This one has studio quality editing and action and could easily be in film festivals when they get started again. It is really amazing what Aaron and his buddies have come up with. Most of the earlier action videos, while amazing and creative, are simple shot on Iphones or phone cameras, this one really is high quality with stellar audio!

Special mention to the entire VFX team! Miguel Fernandez, Dave Macomber, Brian Ho, Caine Sinclair, Omar Zaki, and Chris Clements. You guys did a really pro job, I say get the team together again on a feature action flick! 

Amy Johnston becomes a sultry Sonya Blade with a sword in 'Round 2'

Aaron used four people as stunt coordinator, Including Brian Ho, Chad Bellamy, Monique Ganderton, and Noon Orsatti. All amazingly creative pushing the limits of human action. Stunt Coordinator Monique Ganderton has an equine action sequence including jumping off as Laura Croft from Tombraider! See photo below:

My friend Lauren Mary Kim is of course The Mandalorian! Hah!

The 5 minute short, has some seriously high production values, and of course it can not be monetized as the actors are dressed like various superheroes! Aaron made this short to keep his skills and the skills of the various performers in the video sharp. Plus in this new real of social distancing, experiments have to be made and tested to see what sort of entertainment will be allowed. I see more of this, and yes drive In movies and concerts!

The entire short film is available to watch for free now on YouTube @ Aaron Toney's ZG YouTube Channel

Monique Ganderton Twitter:
Amy Johnston Twitter:

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