Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cynthia Rothrock to Return to Film in Friday's Child!

Action Legend Cynthia Rothrock will return to Film staring in the Action Horror film called Friday's Child. This will be the first venture for newly formed Pentagram Pictures. Dean Meadows, the editor and Chief of Vengeance Magazine is assembling a solid cast including Eileen Daly from Razor Blade Smile. Cynthia has a new website @ http://www.cynthiarothrock.org

Lovely and lethal martial artist Zara Phythian will also be involved in the production, Zara has been practicing martial Arts since she was 7 yrs old! For more info http://www.zaraphythian.co.uk/.

Dean is ready to shake up the Horror world the way he shook up the magazine world! Stay focused on Dan's Movie Report in the Coming Months!

We are ready for ass kicking Horror!

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  1. Oh no, not another D.M project that will never get completed.


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