Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rock of Ages to Wrap in a few Days!

Even though Tom Cruise wrapped his portion of the filming on July 24th, and the massive wrap party was already held, Julianne Hough is still in South Florida finishing her final scenes. The three month shoot is winding down and should be completed by August 15th The Hollywood Sign on the landfill has been taken down. The Club Revolution, which was rented for one month has opened for metal shows again. http://www.jointherevolution.net/ That site has several exclusive pics from the filming. Director Adam Shankman is still tweeting how much fun he is having in Florida, and many surprise cameos will be in the huge production. All the beach scenes were shot on Hollywood Beach, that is Hollywood, Florida or as Tom Cruise told us in the concert shot " The right place to film this movie in" "Because this is where the rock is!"

I am ready to blast into the 80s mark it down 6-1-2012 Rock Of Ages!

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