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Official Aurelia Scheppers News Blog

Update 8-9-2014: Aurelia unleashes a hysterical video on the Funny Or Die Website Called Model Behavior @

Above Pic: Behind the scenes from "Champion" video from The Chevin

Update 11-18-13 Snow Queen is Released in Germany and available on AMAZON!  Click link for ordering: Check out below photos!

Update 8-15-13 Aurelia in new film called 'The Snow Queen"

Update 3-25-13 Aurelia in New TV Pilot: "So excited to be a part of a TV Pilot called The Start Up! Currently filming. It's a 1/2 hour comedy. ;)"

Update 2-21-13 Aurelia in new Music Video: "So happy to be a part of this Steve Aoki music video for his song "Come With Me: feat. Polina directed by Thomas Trail, it was such a cool shoot!! :-)"

Here is the YouTube Link for the new Steve Aoki video:!

Update 11-25-12  Nov. 27th, the movie "40 Days and Nights" comes out! I am in the opening scene of the movie. :) It is an action/disaster film. You can rent in on Netflix or Redbox or buy it/pre order it on, etc. :) Here is the trailer:

Update 11-11-12 Aurelia in winter clothes catalog for Roar Clothes (Photo Below) 

Aurelia in I (heart) Vampires
Now available from Disney on DVD.

Update 9-19-12: Aurelia is the lead girl in the new music video for the band "the Chevin" for their new hit single "Champion". Check out the video on  you tube @    (pic below is a wallpaper sized screen cap from the video, click on pic for desktop wallpaper size.)

Aurelia is being featured in the September 20th 2012 issue of Backstage West
Magazine under "Actor Spotlight"!

Aurelia has a part in a movie titled 40 Days and Nights produced by The Asylum that will be going straight to DVD, Redbox, Netflix, etc. on November
27th 2012. Go to for more information on the film.

Above Pic: Aurelia in new Roar Campaign.

Aurelia shot another Roar Campaign for the rest of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Aurelia shot a campaign for Trunkettes Swimwear shot by the great Kymberly
Marciano. Go to Below is a photo of Aurelia in one of the swim outfits:

Aurelia has a few exciting projects in the works that can't be released yet...
but keep reading this news and the information will be released very, very soon.

Update 6-29-12: New Acting Reel

Update 6-12-12: Roar Clothing Summer Campaign: Check out these two behind the scenes links:

Above are Screen Caps from the Ad (C) 2012 Roar Clothing

Update 5-27-12:
New head shot and Screen Cap from The Young and the Restless:

 Above Pic: Sexy new pic from her Aurelia's Official Page

Above Pic: Aurelia in The Young and the Restless May 11th 2012 (C) CBS 2012
               Screen Cap: Danny Shamon

Update 5-11-12: News directly from Aurelia!

Greetings to all my fans, I am in three scenes of this episode of The Young and the Restless. Episode #9904 Aired May 11 2012

I recently Played Tyson Ritter's high school girlfriend in The Kids in the Street music video directed by Jon Danovic

Look for me as a girl facing the struggles of teen pregnancy, who turns to God for help and finds strength in church and the Lord to raise the baby on her own, Jessica Reedy's Something Out of Nothing Video directed by Paul Coy Allen premiered on BET's 106 and Park tv show. Not online yet, COMING SOON.

Just finished a summer campaign for ROAR clothing.

I have a different ROAR ad in Country Weekly magazine every week. :)

12-31-11 News

Actress Aurelia Scheppers caught my eye this year as being someone to watch in 2012. She did a solid job on 11/11/11 as the nanny from hell bumping up what would have been a very average film to a very enjoyable one. Aurelia can also be seen in the short film Red Princess Blues. Check her IMDB page @

In addition to live acting, she recently performed voice work on the Digimon Fusion Battles TV series. Aurelia also does modeling for several companies, check this short, rather grainy clip on youtube modeling Diva: . She worked on this hysterical clip of CBS Sports Stay at home Dad Series: . Her intellect and professionalism are refreshing in Hollywood, she will make an excellent addition to any production, be it commercial, print, film or TV.

Watch for further information and interview with Aurelia in 2012 and beyond on Dan's Movie Report, in the meantime check out her official twitter @!/aureliasaid

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