Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Solipsist Movie Review

Above Pic: Marissa Merrill and Mary Elise Hayden prior to the Solipsist transformation. (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Solipsism is the philosophical idea that that only one's own mind is sure to exist, many iterations of the original philosophy ranging from the metaphysical to the epistemological exist.

Andrew Huang and his crew have created an absolute masterpiece of technological ideas, merging seamlessly with biological looking physical creations, renderings, and talented live actors to create the 11 minute short film Solipsist.

Above Pic: Sultry, deep in thought, and sensual Marissa Merrill in Solipsist (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Solipsist opens with the two beautiful actresses, Marissa Merrill and Mary Elise Hayden back to back on two separate chairs gently swaying back and forth in unison. Slowly their features merge as one, an intricate form of ideas, emotion, thoughts, and physical being merging into a mind melding cacophony of visual stimulation. There is no dialogue, only music, the visuals tell the complete story. The actresses do a fantastic job, it is very difficult to get the emotions down with no dialogue to play off of. Marissa and Mary obviously worked hard to get their movements fluid, to merge as one, a visual representation of Solipsism, an internal mental theosophy.

Above Pic: Marissa Merrill (L) and Mary Elise Hayden in unison in Solipsist (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Following their merging, swerving tiny sea creatures are the result. The grace at which they movie through the water is amazing. The rendering crew and mind-bending effort which went into this are well deserving of the SlamDance Film Festival award.

The final act of Solipsist, I will not spoil, but involves a third actor, Dustin Edward, some creative sand pool type melting, a variety of live action, and blue screen theatrics. Deflecting the ideological norm, and intrinsically beautiful, Solipsist allows the audience to form their own conclusion, and gives the viewer an epic end to a memorable film. Solipsist's full concept is enhanced especially after multiple views, especially in HD.

This is a top notch film, and scores my top short film of 2012 year! 9.5 out of 10. 

Watch the entire film on Vimeo in HD!

Behind the scenes:

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