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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Killing the Seeds! Full Force Action Film Burns To The Screen in 2015!

Above Photo: (C) 2014 Joyto Films

Can a man get an F yeah! So then this happened, seems like everyone I know got together and are making a film, blasted! Some of the coolest people I have ever met in the business! And most of them have already been interviewed or soon will be! They all are some of the most spectacular martial artists in history and there chi is well grounded! Haha! Go big, Go hard, or Go home!

What I like about 'Killing The Seeds' is there is no compromise, with regards to competent action, and professionalism. I am ready to blast the hell out of this!  So here Goes!  'Killing The Seeds' the Stars, are you ready! Get ready to blastoff!

Don "The Dragon" Wilson, who I interviewed over a decade ago watch for a new one!

Above photo: Selina Lo (C) 2014 ZRS GAMBOA taken from official FB page

Sultry, violent and sweet, Selina Lo, who's talent and dedication to hard work is amazing, she burns like fire on the screen, her interview has already 15,000 views on my site! : Here is her interview, watch for more in 2014!: 
She even did a cool promo for Dan's Movie Report from the film Reflex @

Super talented fighter and action choreographer,  Tim Man with his hard hitting interview, full of honesty! Much respect!

Above Photo: Silvio strikes a pose on the official FB film page!

Silvio Simac: A super talented force  to be reckoned with full of power, and raw emotion, with a strict diet, and sense of adventure Silvio is where it is at! Watch for more of him on Dan's Movie Report, take a trip with Mr Supple! The S factor!

Dean Alexandrou, he is a super-talented actor, producer, etc, graced many pages on my site: Check out the review for  Dohard!

Much more to follow, including set reports! Photos etc so Blast it! Facebook Like NOW!

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