Wednesday, August 13, 2014

R.I.P. Forrest Bowen, Robin Williams, Lauren Becall and Eileen Horan. My Tribute...

Above Photo: Forrest Bowen 1-4-50  to 7-28-14, R.I.P.

I struggled with what to to write in a tribute for a friend named Forrest, who passed away on July 28th. His kind soul, and gentile demeanor lit up a room with energy. Full of life, always with a quick wit, and the snap of his ever present camera. I struggle to express my feelings, he is gone, but he has been called up to a higher place to enjoy more music, new bands, and a special seat in the clouds, right by the stage. Forrest, is with his mom, together they shall share eternity, without pain, only love. We are all better people having met you Forrest, the lives you touched, proved the kind and generous heart you had, I am a better person for knowing you.

Robin Williams, is to comedy as the actual football is to the NFL, comedy is just different now, missing an important component, you sir, made this world an enjoyable place, always creative and innovative. I remember as a child watching Mork and Mindy, little did I know almost 40 yrs later, your legacy would be a lifetime of diverse and interesting characters. 'Mrs Doubtfire', and 'Patch Adams' on and on. You sir have been called up to the grand stage, demons aside, your struggle, will bring to the forefront the real life worldwide struggles with depression and addiction, and may save many lives and inspire those to seek hel.

Lauren Bacall , perhaps the last link to the Hollywood glory days, you have been called up. Key Largo, is such an earth shattering amazing film noir. Your talent is legendary, and Hollywood and the world is a better place for witnessing it. Thank you for a lifetime of amazement, class and sense of sardonic humor.

Finally a tribute to a person I have never met, never watched on screen, Eileen Horan. I feel I must speak about her, On July 5th, I had the great fortune to meet her grand-daughter Celina.The positive energy around her is magnanimous, and profoundly affected not only the way I treat my friends, but opened my eyes to meeting and sharing with people I have never met.  Reading the obituary describing, your life and type of person you are and the family love you showed is inspirational. You have been called up to serve as a beacon of love for all those who enter. Blessings for her family and friends during this difficult time.

To read a bit about Eileen:!/Obituary

Sorry, tomorrow, I will go back to the reality of movies. Danny

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