Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doors And Windows Movie Review (2015 Short Film)

 Above Photo: (C) 2015 JD Glasscock for StormCrow Productions.

It is late, time to put the kids to bed and play adult for awhile, a loooong while. From /Writer/Director/Producer/poet/visionary etc.. JD Glasscock comes his latest film 'Doors & Windows', a 7 minute blast of serving the metaphorical mistress, and seduction, wrapped in a dark, undulating, and brooding, salacious package.

Sultry, and talented actress unleashes her seductive and "Control Mistress" side in 'Doors & Windows'. With very little lighting, the audience is forced to focus on her commanding and forceful, yet whispering and seductive voice.

'Doors & Windows' opens with Chelsea whispering lines such as "You are the muse which allows me to dream" she is slowly getting ready for her "Mistress" persona, thus in leading a dichotomy laden life, putting on an act for the camera, the audience and her on camera "Slave"

As Jason begins to talk he is greeted by a stern whip smack, the sound is more prevalent than the video wich is kind of cool , actually I recommend after watching this short to just close your eyes and listen to the dialogue, sounds and interplay between the characters.

Blues music plays in the background and as soon as Chelsea delivers the whip she states "Do not cast gaze upon sin unless I say it to be so" then another hard smack, and "Do not let trash utter off tongue, unles I say it to be so." More whips follow, but the key here is this IS NOT an S&M video, 'Doors & Windows' plays like a metaphor for the struggles of life, living in the shadows, sadly a fate many actors and actresses have to live in, while only a select few actually obtain success.

Chelsea Holley, is mesmerizing in this short, never crossing the line of over the top intensity, always boiling under the surface. She could kick your ass, but would rather make you serve her will and think about your actions. This short has many diverse meanings and ideas. In fact, each person viewing it will probably think of something different. A simple mind might just impart prurient thoughts, but 'Doors & Windows' as with all of JD Glasscock's films has a deep sense of meaning and style, his poetry sends a message, and the meaning is always multi-layered.Overall this is an amazing film, a study on human perception, and rates a 8 out of 10.

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I implore my thoughtful readers to put your thinking caps on, and go "Non-Hollywood" and visit JD's Youtube channel and official website under the photo. The entire 'Doors and Windows' film is on Youtube now as well @

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