Friday, March 20, 2015

A Killer Conversation Movie Review

Above Photo Promo shot from film on official website.

From writer comes his "labor of love film "A Killer Conversation", a quirky irrevrent look at relationships, and criminals wrapped up in a package of dark humor. Essentially what you have is a man named Karl , rather down on his luck being threatened by a would be murderer, , who just happens to be the most polite and understanding criminal on the planet. Seriously, he politely explains he does not want to use high caliber weapons as it will leave a mess.

Complicating matters, is Karl's ex, Pauline ) who is also the film's producer. Pauline, comes to the apartment, while the burglar/murderer is there and rather than panic or call the police she finds that chatting with him and Karl is the best idea, hahaha!

This is an arthouse style film, do not expect full silliness comedy, physical comedy, nor horror comedy. 'A Killer Conversation' is a film to watch  with an open mind and a willingness to enjoy specifically British comedy, as an American, I found myself, rewinding a bit to catch the dialogue, for the most part the movie was enjoyable, and at 80 minutes, the length felt about right.

Overall the film is mostly enjoyable, slightly slow moving, but with clever, and lively dialogue, and is worth of a watch, 'A Killer Conversation' rates a 5.5 out of 10.

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