Sunday, March 15, 2015

Breathe Movie Review

I had the opportunity to watch ' Breathe' at the Widescreen film & Music Fest The powerful film of intersecting stories was moving, intellectual, thought provoking,  and deserves a wider audience, thus I unleash this review worldwide.

Phoenix 4 Productions is a company based out of Duluth, Georgia, and includes a highly talented conglomerate of individuals, in all aspects of production, from actors to sound people, and producers.
'Breathe' is the first part of a series of similarly themed stories. Called 'The Run Saga'

The film opens with with a child witnessing his father striking his mother, later in the film we see the same father and another interaction with his child. There are several stories in 'Breathe' One dealing with adultary, one with abuse, one with gang and drug violence, one with deception and one with a gay couple trying to cope and get along with the non-understanding father.

Above photo: Father trying to cope with his son being gay and bringing his boyfriend to his house for dinner.

The stories loosely tie together, but follow a common theme, it is not overly obvious at first, but 'Breathe' is a story of hope, and choices made in life and the consequences that arrive from those choices. writes and directs a masterful film with many "up for discussion moments long after the end credit crawl. Executive Producers Ottavio Lobefaro and Doug Turner have ambitious goals, to raise more funds, to complete the series with a "regular" budget.

'Breathe' is one of those films that require repeat watching, and would be amazing on DVD or Blu-ray with special features, and I sincerely hope the full series gets financed. In the meantime follow, like, and point your browsers to the various websites dedicated to 'Breathe' and Phoenix 4 Productions:

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