Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Displacement Successful Screenings and Updated Information, From Maderfilm Productions! Exclusive!

 Above photo: Poster for Displacement for festivals.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. As I sit down to type this report, the wheels are in motion for the latest offering from Kenneth Mader, 'Displacement' to be unleashed to the world this fall.

Recently Maderfilm have created this special reel for the fantastic FILM-Com conference in Nashville!

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Maderfilm announces next feature after 'Displacement'

After a successful worldwide premiere to a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Reel Independent film fest garnering an award for best Sci-Fi film, and Bruce Davidson wins for best supporting actor, the film screened at the well respected long running USA film festival in Dallas and star Courtney Hope was featured on local TV!

Above photo: Exclusive for Dan's Movie Report (C) 2014

Courtney has seen her latest project the Microsoft video game 'Quantum Break' released and she has been featured in the LA times and Dallas morning newspaper!

 Here is her exclusive interview from 2014 on the set of Displacement @

Dan's Movie Report strongly recommends the film as a must buy, and also recommends that the company that picks up the film give 'Displacement' a theatrical release.The  film has big screen qualities for an indie, and needs to be shown to the widest audience available. The two hour film is of the highest quality and has distinct 'repeat watch factor'. With the award winning talents of Bruce Davison and Susan Blakely, and emerging star Courtney Hope, 'Displacement' is my top pick for the first half of 2016, and rates a 9 out if 10!

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